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I am a studnt of Civil engineering from India. Currently I am having my
research project on eQuest. For this purpose I require weather files for my
city AHMEDABAD, in the State GUJARAT, INDIA.

I would request you to please tell me the format for the weather files so
that I can create my own from the information collected by the local
Meteorolgical Department or I can convert files feom other format to this
one (.bin).

Following is the link to the site where the weather data in other formats is
available. please guide me weather I should directly convert these files
using doe2.2 converter or some modification is required.

Thank You
Arjun G Sanghani

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Dear Arjun,

Go through the below link and download the eQuest processor (eQ withProc.)
then you will be able to convert the EPW file into bin file.


Ashu Gupta

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