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Good morning everyone.
I am modeling a building with 2 DX VAV rooftop units with electric heat. These rooftops serve VAV terminals (on interior spaces) and series fan terminals serving the perimeter. When I try to model this simple system on TRACE, I can select either a Series Fan-Powered VAV system, in which ALL the terminals will have fans, or a Variable Volume system, in which NONE of the terminals will have fans.

I can not model my RTU as it if was 2 RTUs, one for the interior with VAV terminals and one for the perimeter, with FTUs. This would defeat the whole purpose of having a VAV system, as the interior spaces would be most likely a constant volume.

Thank you very much in advance.

Rafael Carrero

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A suggestion:

In the Room Airflow tab there is a VAV Control Type (name may not be exact - not looking at TRACE) section in the lower right of the tab. In this drop down there is a Shutoff VAV. Keep all rooms assigned to the one system (in zones) and set the interior spaces to Shutoff VAVs and perhaps that will resolve your issue.

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