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i have simulated a floor plate of the entire model in equest.
the results show me values for the following,
1. space cooling
2. ventilation fans
3. miscellaneous equipments
4. Domestic hot water
5. Area lights
6. Exterior usage.

my questions are as follows,

1. i cannot understand the difference between the area lights and exterior

i remember having put in the LPD equal to 0.7 w/sqft in the wizard entry. i
have done nothing to change this value through the detailed input.

2. i do not have a clear understanding of what miscellaneous equipements
indicate. i remember having put in the EPD in the wizard entry as 0.5
W/sqft. i have not changed this too in the detailed input.

i have also noticed that the figures for DHW, Miscellaneous equipments, area
lighting and the exterior usage remain same through out my baseline runs. is
this correct?

please elaborate

Ar. Kirti Pramod Pabrekar.

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Hi Kirti,

Click "Help," open the "Modeling Procedures Quick Reference" pdf file,
and refer to page 155 onwards... I would attach it but it's too large to
be distributed on this mailing list ;). There you'll find a summary
detailing exactly what each reported enduse represents. These pages
make a handy reference to print out.

As a sidebar and from personal experience - this particular reference at
every user's fingertips really should not be missed - it is lengthy, but
new and veteran users should at least give it a skim if you haven't

* Area lights = lights inside your building

* Exterior usage = lights and other loads assigned to your
meter, commonly includes any exterior lighting defined in wizards - look
to your meter in detailed mode (see attached recent discussion for

* "misc. loads" can include a number of items, but is most often
predominantly or entirely receptacle/equipment loads entered for your

* You should be able to find the 0.5 and 0.7 figures entered for
receptacle/equipment and lighting loads exploring under the "internal
loads" tab.

Whether unchanging loads (month-to-month) is "correct" is a question to
ask yourself actually... should they vary? If you have daylighting
controls applied to your interior lighting, then most assuredly area
lighting should vary to some extent. I'd similarly expect exterior
usage to vary if it represents exterior lighting on photocell-controlled
schedules. In short, all loads have schedules - you can make them vary
month-to-month if you feel they should - there are options to define
holiday seasons in the wizards that can give you a head start on that



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