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Dear all
I am using TRNSYS 17 with TESS library. I would like to simulate SWHs to evaluate the annual thermal performance with respect to?ISO 9459-4.ISO 9459-4 recommends to use TRNAUS components. How can I get these components? If these components are not available at the moment, what components do you recommend to be used in this regard?

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Nidal Abdalla
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The TRNAUS components are available for purchase (I believe). I would
recommend that you contact the Australian TRNSYS distributor
(http://www.energyae.com/) for some guidance as to how you can obtain
them. To my knowledge, they have not been updated for the Trnsys17 (or
Trnsys16) coding standards and so will only work in Trnsys15 and
earlier. I do not believe that Studio proformas are available for them.

I'm afraid that I am not familiar with the requirements of the ISO
standard that you reference. However, the components in the TESS Solar
Library have been vetted and are used extensively in the US standards
for both stand-alone solar collectors (OG-100) and SWH systems (OG-300).
The rating agency in the US is the SRCC (http://solar-rating.org/).

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