TRAINING - DesignBuilder - Denver, May 9-13

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*REMINDER! DesignBuilder Training in Denver!*

Big Ladder Software is offering a five-day comprehensive training workshop
on the *DesignBuilder* program in Denver, CO on May 9-13, 2016. The
workshop will be lead by David Cocking, Director and "Trainer in Chief" at

*Registration is now open *

*See all upcoming workshops for DesignBuilder, EnergyPlus, and OpenStudio

DesignBuilder Training

*May 9-13, 2016*
*Denver, CO at Big Ladder Software*
*Details and registration *

*Workshop Description*This five-day modular course is an excellent
opportunity to deepen your *DesignBuilder* knowledge using features of
version 4 of the software. The course is suitable for new and experienced
users alike and is structured to give you plenty of worked examples so you
can ?learn by doing?. No experience with *EnergyPlus* is required.

*You can choose to attend any of the five days according to your particular
training requirements. Please note that Days 2-5 all require previous
experience with the 3-D Modeller or attendance on Day 1.*

Visit the Big Ladder website to learn more about our training workshops.

Workshop Instructor: David Cocking, DesignBuilder Software (UK)

*Day 1 - 3-D Modeller*
1. Introduction to DesignBuilder
2. Geometric operations
3. Roof geometry, outline blocks, etc
4. Import floor plans and zoning
5. Model data, activities, and zone merging
6. Constructions, infiltration model data
7. Openings model data

*Day 2 - Basic Simulation*
1. Component blocks (ground and adiabatic)
2. Templates
3. Timing - compact schedules, profiles, holidays
4. Heating and cooling load calculations
5. Simulation and comparing results
6. Lighting and daylight control
7. Simple HVAC

*Day 3 - Natural Ventilation, Renewables, and Daylighting*
1. Solar shading
2. Scheduled natural ventilation and infiltration
3. Calculated natural ventilation
4. Mixed mode
5. PV and wind turbines
6. Introduction to Radiance daylighting

*Day 4 - Introduction to Detailed HVAC*
1. Introduction to detailed HVAC (VRF)
2. Hot water loops (radiator + natvent)
3. Results viewer (analysis of EnergyPlus node data in a HVAC context)
4. Fan coil units with chilled water and air loops

*Day 5 - Introduction to CFD*
1. Introduction to external CFD
2. Internal CFD 1
3. Internal CFD 2
4. Linked EnergyPlus to CFD simulation

*What?s not covered by the workshop?* We do not cover use of the
*EnergyPlus* software, modification of *EnergyPlus* IDF data, and Compact
HVAC. Check out our *EnergyPlus for Practitioners*

workshop for quickly getting up to speed on the fundamentals of the
*EnergyPlus* engine.

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