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Hello all,

I usual building LEED energy models in eQuest so I am used to analyzing the output reports from that program.

I've had to take over an energy model that we received mid-way through completion and need to complete for LEED submission.

Does anyone have suggested reports I should look at that are comparable to eQuest? I know a lot of the info is the same but in different locations/reports...


William Mak, LEED AP BD+C

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If you look at the upload section on your LEED project, it says the following:
"provide the Input summary as well as the the Energy Consumption Summary; Energy Cost Budget/PRM Summary report; and Performance Rating Method Details"


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I don?t use eQuest, but the following are the reports I use the most:

System Checksums (the zone and room ones as well, but they?re not as useful
at the energy stage)

Equipment Energy Consumption Report

Building Temperature Profile (very useful in finding where your unmet hours
are coming from)

LEED Summary

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Hi there, can somebody proficient in TRACE answer this question please?  In Energyplus 'heat rejection energy use',  refers to condenser loop energy use (without pump energy), e.g. Cooling towers energy use. I'm reviewing modelling output reports for an office building with air-cooled chillers, and I was not expecting heat rejection energy use.
Best ,
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