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Can anyone tell me if a TAS model can be imported into EE4?
Are the file formats compatible?

Chris Flood

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Hi Chris,

I quickly looked up EE4 and it says the calculations are based on
DOE-2.1E. If this is the case then TAS files wouldn't be able to be
imported into EE4 as TAS is not based on DOE. TAS v8.5 uses RGO, BSO 3d
and BDF files where as DOE programs use BDL and INP files.

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Unfortunately there is no way to import into EE4 at all. While it runs
DOE-2.1e as the calculation engine, the building data is stored in a
.bld file (yes, that is correct, not a text .bdl as you might expect)
which is not accessible. I gather this is because it is first an energy
code compliance tool. So everything must be entered into the EE4 interface.

Note - depending on where you are, there is an EE4 training session
scheduled for Toronto in November through the OSPE.



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