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Dear Equest users,

I am new user of Equest and I have the old problem of weather files
conversion to .epw to .bin, since I need the weather file of Madrid
(Spain). I have followed very carefully all the indications of the previous
forum messages, but I still have the same problem:Invalid filename message.
If anyone can help me I would really appreciate, since this forum is my
only source of Equest knowlege, since Equest is scarely used in Spain......

I describe the methodology followed.

- I downloaded the EPW conversor program and installed in C/Program
archives (x86)/equest 364/
- I have made a cut/copy, not following extracting path, since I have
- It is commened that a folder called eQ_WthProc_EPWtoDOE2bin is created
automatically. In my case it is not. Maybe this is the source of the
- *I have deleted .ini file*
- I have created subfolder to place .bin files in EPW folder
- I open the processor folder and the conversor program. I select Madrid
epw file as a source (placed in EPW folder created when installing the
comversor program, or in Equest data archives, doesn't matter). I select
the new created .bin folder into EPW folder to place the new archive (see
- [image: Im?genes integradas 1]

And still invalid filename error......... I really don't know the reason, I
have all tried. Even to do it in another laptop.

If anyone can help me I would be really grateful!!

Kind regards,

Marcel G?mez

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I think you should try installing it in your eQUEST working directory, not your eQUEST
program directory where you've installed it.
That's where I have the weather processor installed, and after making sure the
eQ_WthProc.ini has been deleted, I converted the Madrid weather file to *.bin
without any problems. By the way, on my machine the *.bin file appears in the Processor

Good luck, and if you still have problems, I can e-mail you that converted Madrid file.


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Dear Marcel,

A week before I had also same kind of issue. And I worked on it for three
days. And I can see from the details shared by you that the problem with
your case is also same i.e.: placing the files in the right path.

See the attached document for your guidance. Follow each and every step as
per the manual and you will be able to solve it.

Still If you could not solve it Please let us know so that We can help you
out more. . .

Good luck. . .


Nimesh Prajapati

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Dear Joe and Nimesh,

Thank you very much for the answers. I have followed the methodology
described step by step (in fact it was the same I followed from previous
emails) and still the same problem. Just if I put the equest program in
Documents/Equest 3-64 data I have a variation in the problem, not a
solution. In this case the message is: -7.3 is not a valid floating point
value......snif snif.

I have tried to put the program in different places (C/Program archives
x86/Equest 3-64, and in Documents/Equest 3-64 data) , as well as the input
and output weather files....without any positive result.

Joe, it would be possible to have the .bin file for Madrid, please? It is
my first project with Equest and I have already problems with modelisation
of ground geothermnal heatpumps and comparison of resuts with LEED
baseline. So many problems!, and not really a big budget. It would help me
a lot since I do not find the solution.

Thanks a lot,


2012/10/6 Nimesh Prajapati

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Dear Marcel,

Please refer attached .bin weather file for your reference. Please let us
know whether it works or not.


Nimesh Prajapati

Thanks, Nimesh Prajapati (+91 9687133492) Design Engineer & Energy Modeller
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