Stacking and Connecting Multiple Shells

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I'm still fairly new to eQUEST and have a couple of questions.

I have 4 shells with 2 pairs of shells that need to be connected. What is
the best way to go about this?

Once the pairs of shells are connected, I need to stack them because one is
the basement and the other the ground floor. How do I accomplish this?

I really appreciate your help.

Roger Maranan

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Hi Roger,

So if I interpret this correctly you have 4 shells and you want them
connected first, Shell 1 + Shell 2 and Shell 3 + Shell 4, use S for Shell
and then S3/S4 (floor 2) on top of S1/ S2 (floor 1).

The way to do this is in the Wizard. When you open your model in the DD
Wizard you will see your 4 shells listed. Open S1. On the first screen of
the Wizard select the specify exact coordinates button. When you click on
that button you will get the opportunity to input x, y, and z. Go ahead and
input your x, y and z coordinates for S1, usually 0, 0, 0. Select 1 in the
floors above grade, since you only want one of this floor. Return to the
navigator. To connect S2 to S1, go into S2, select the exact coordinates
again and input them. You will have to determine what they should be off of
your drawings. When specifying coordinates it's best to specify the origin
as the lower, left hand corner of your drawing, with the Y-Axis pointing
north, as your 0, 0, 0. So, if S1 and S2 were exactly side by side x would
be however far the origin of S2 is from S1, y would be 0, and z would be 0.
Once again select 1 floor above grade. Return to navigator.

Connecting S3 to S4 will be the same as connecting S1 and S2 except for you
will also be putting them on top of S1/S2. To do this set z at what ever the
floor to floor height of S1/S2 is. These shells will also be specified as 1
floor above grade. Make sure the floor to floor heights on Screen 2 match
your z coordinate.

Hopefully that makes sense.



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