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Hi there:

I meet a strange simulation result. The project is is 6000 SQM warehouse plus a 1000 SQM office. The result shows a surprising natural gas usage 84581 MBTU or 89237 GJ. 96% belongs to space heating.

REPORT- LS-C BuiLding Peak Load Components shows heating load 32.5 W/m2 (excluding outside ventilation air loads). This is normal.

REPORT- SS-D Building HVAC Load Summary shows annual heating energy 1460 MBTU or 1540 GJ.

Is there anywhere else to check the source of the extra abnormal space heating load?


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Hi Zheng,

The SS-A report will provide you system wise loads summary. This may help
to identify the systems and period during which you have unexpected heating.
Once you identify the systems you can use the SS-G report to figure out
what's happening at individual zone level for the systems affected.

I hope this helps.

Sunil Nair

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Curious. Some of it could be reheat - depending on your system, but those numbers are way high.

Could you share your inp file?

Vikram Sami, LEED AP BD+C

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