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Hello Everyone,

I am new to eQuest and I am trying to model a prison campus through
design development wizard.

My building components check does not report any errors but my
compliance analysis, reports three errors that I am having a hard time
finding a fix.

Here's the screenshot of that error message:

If you can't see the above images, then here's the gist of the error:

It says that my roof construction (only for three shells of the seven I
have) has been assigned to more than one exterior surface type.

I have checked many times in my construction screens for all the seven
shells and also in the individual zone screens and I do not have
multiple surface types with the same construction. I even broke the pd2
file into individual shells and isolated the first shell it reports that
problem - still I couldn't figure why it is saying that I have the roof
construction assigned to a wall or something else.

The third error is very bizarre. I have 5 roofs with skylights and only
two roofs have this Skylight Roof Construction assigned to more than one
surface type error.

So if anyone has come across such a glitch, please help me out here!

Thanks much.

Premnath Sundharam, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

Premnath Sundharam

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Hello Prem,

If you could send us your PD2 and INP files we might be able to figure out
what the issue is.


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