Simulating Occupancy Sensors

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Hello all,

I am trying to simulate an energy model (Baseline and Proposed) for a LEED
project. I understand that exceptional lighting controls could be used for
energy savings in Proposed model. I was wondering if I could use the
lighting schedule as 7:30 to 5:30 on weekdays as 100% in the baseline and
then change the lighting schedule to match the occupancy schedule for
simulating with occupancy sensors? Is that a acceptable approach. Please

Thanks in Advance

Amit Bhansali, M.S. , EIT

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Appendix G allows a certain prescribed lighting reduction allowance for
occupancy sensors. I believe it is 10-15% of lighting power, depending on
the building. You can put the reduction in the schedule or in the lighting
power. If I have some spaces with occupancy sensors, and some without, I
usually reduce the lighting power and use the same schedule.


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