Shell vs. Floor Multipliers

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Hey All,

Are Shell Multipliers and Floor Multipliers the same thing? If not, what is the difference? Thanks a lot!


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No they are different. Shells can be made up of multiple floors of the
same floorplate. Floors are, well, floors.

I often use floor multipliers -- this will create a bottom floor (of the
shell), a typical middle floor with a floor multiplier of the number of
middle floors plus a top floor (again, of the shell). If you do not use
floor multipliers, then each floor is explicitly defined. This
typically slows the simulation without increasing accuracy.

I have only used a shell multiplier once -- when I had a campus
residence model with several identical 3-storey residence buildings
making up the campus.

Hope this is clear. My wording sounds fuzzy to be -- but it is a hot,
sunny Monday here.

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