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Hello All,

I have been hearing about Revit having energy analysis and HVAC loads
capabilities for some time now, but have been skeptical about its rigor and
usability. Can anyone chime in on the merits and drawbacks of Revit for
heating and cooling load calculation and energy modeling?



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We are starting to use it some for load calculations. The built in load calculations use an older RTS method and has some geometry issues. Revit 2020 now has OpenStudio built in and uses a different workflow to create geometry that is more robust. The interface isn't intended to replace a full energy modeling platform, but you can do space loads and system loads fairly well using the EnergyPlus heat balance method. We are in the process of comparing results between Trace 700 and Revit calcs at this point. Has anyone else tried this? Any comments to share?

I recommend watching Ian Molloy's AU presentation to get started with Revit loads and energy:


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Hi Christian,

The Integrated Design Lab's BSUG lecture series is going to have a lecture on Autodesk's Insight on June 24th. We have not sent it out and you can't register for it yet because we are waiting on guidance for social distancing guidelines for the in-person event. However, it will be available as a live webinar regardless of the guidelines we follow.
If you can't wait until then the link that Tim sent is really good and you can find some Ian Molloy tutorials on Youtube:
Here is a description of the presentation;

In this presentation will we review the state of Autodesk simulation software, Insight and how it compares to the traditional energy model workflow of EnergyPlus and Open Studio. Insight is a cloud-based analysis tool which evolved from a previous Autodesk software, Green Building Studio, and focuses on energy and environmental performance as well as improving BIM workflow integration. Insight is an overlay type of integration with Revit models of various detail from conceptual massing to detailed Architectural models so that design decisions can be analyzed to measure the impact on the overall building performance through the design process. Insight simulation and analysis focuses on the following three areas: energy, daylighting, and solar analysis. We will review in detail the workflow, types of simulation engines, simulation parameters, and results/analysis for Autodesk Insight which will then be compared against EnergyPlus and Radiance models.

Hope all well,


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