Refrigeration Modeling in eQuest and eQuest (refrig. Version)

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Hello all,

I am a ME student @ Portland State University attempting to model a
grocery store as my final project for my building energy modeling

We have mostly dealt with eQuest and my instructor is encouring us to
venture into the "unknown" within eQuest to model things we are
currently don't know how to model.

In this instance I really don't know how to model refrigeration for a
grocery store, and have been trying to get the refrigeration version
of eQuest to work for some time now. Does anyone have a simple
tutorial or a help file that would make this possible?

An example of some of the errors I am getting would be, when I make a
file in eQuest 3.55 normal version using the wizard and try to import
it into the refrigeration version I get 28 errors, some bdl and some
others. And when I try to import the refrigeration examples into the
normal version there are even more errors, why don't these two
seeminly simlar programs communicate well together?

Anyways, I know people have had problems with the refrigeration
version in the past, and I also know it has been succesfully used by
many professional modelers on large scale projects before, so if
anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!



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I am having the same problems attempting to use the refrigeration version
3.61 and the standard version 3.6. I would appreciate hearing from anyone
who has used the refrigeration version successfully.

Rob Rosen

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I have used used the refrigeration somewhat successfully. There can be some
problems with certain water side systems. I remember having to remove my DHW
Loop. I think central plant systems in general don't transfer well, try
switching your systems to packaged units. If you post some of your errors I
might be able to be more helpful.

- Austin

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This was discussed quite awhile ago on the bldg-sim list and I had received the below reply that wasn't copied to everyone. I haven't tried it yet but it might work. Typically, I've built the model up from scratch in the refrigeration version.

You do not need to start over. Most all envelope components are
the same between the two versions (except that new things get added
to the standard version first - like the new skylight/daylighting keywords
in 3.61)

Just the refrigeration in std version needs to be deleted and the hvac changed
to a SYSTEM that is allowed in refrig version (FC, PAVAS, PVVT, etc.)

You can copy/rename a refrig .pd2 and the std .inp to a new common name
the the refrig project directory. Of course, wizard inputs use constructions and
schedules from the eQ_Lib.dat ... so you may need to make a new usrlib.dat
in the refrig doe22 dir that ihas the eQ lib copied onto the end.

Matt Dubrovich, P.E.

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Since energyplus already has a good baseline for supermarkets in
different cities, my partner and I have decided to start there. Maybe
we will explore eQuest more later, but for the purposes of this class
energyplus might better suite our needs.

Thanks for the responses!


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