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EnergyPlus training in North America is common, but opportunities to be taught EnergyPlus in a classroom by recognised experts in Europe are rare. As part of our ongoing collaboration, DesignBuilder and Big Ladder Software (part of the EnergyPlus development team and custodians of the EnergyPlus online documentation) will be bringing EnergyPlus training to Europe in early 2017. The same 3-day courses will be run in:

? Bath, UK from 1st to 3rd March 2017 and,

? Brussels, Belgium from 6th to 8th March 2017.

Spaces are limited and bookings will be taken on a fill-up basis, so we would advise taking advantage of our early-bird discount and booking early to avoid disappointment.

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The course will be taught in English and will accommodate the needs of those new to EnergyPlus and/or DesignBuilder, plus those with self-taught experience who want to ensure they have understood the fundamentals correctly. Demonstrations and hands-on exercises will be used extensively throughout the course. Days one and two will be taught by Big Ladder?s Aaron Boranian and Neal Kruis and will focus on core EnergyPlus knowledge to build a solid foundation using the engine. This knowledge will be extended on the third day when Aaron and DesignBuilder?s Dave Cocking will teach you how to use DesignBuilder to increase productivity and customise EnergyPlus simulations.

The first two days will be Big Ladder?s flagship ?EnergyPlus for Practitioners? workshop which covers the fundamentals of EnergyPlus including geometry and internal loads before progressing to more advanced topics such as HVAC systems and controls. You will be guided through the complexities of the EnergyPlus syntax, input/output files and documentation, and essential software tools including the OpenStudio (legacy) plugin for SketchUp. Most importantly, you will be taught to use the available resources to teach yourself going forward. By the end of the first two days you should be comfortable with manipulating IDF data and creating, running, and debugging EnergyPlus models.

Whilst EnergyPlus is widely regarded as the leading simulation engine, it is also relatively difficult and time-consuming to create models using its native interface the IDF Editor. DesignBuilder is the most mature and capable interface to EnergyPlus, and on day three we will show you how DesignBuilder can be used to significantly speed up the process of creating models to simulate using EnergyPlus. You will learn how to use DesignBuilder?s powerful geometry and data management features to help you create EnergyPlus models much more efficiently and maximise your productivity whilst leveraging the power of the EnergyPlus engine.

No prior experience with DesignBuilder is necessary, and a free 30-day licence will be provided on the course. On the morning of day three you will learn to use DesignBuilder to model the building you created in EnergyPlus during the first two days. In the afternoon you will consolidate the knowledge learned on the first two days to export the IDF data from DesignBuilder and then manipulate it to add an ice thermal storage system and run that simulation in EnergyPlus. At the end of day 3 you will be introduced to the DesignBuilder EMS, which enables you to customise an EnergyPlus simulation using a simple script-based approach to change simulated behaviour for HVAC, natural ventilation, glazing and lighting systems. The EMS can be used to provide non-standard ways of controlling natural ventilation or HVAC system components for example, and opens up a whole new dimension of modelling flexibility.

Early-bird discounts are available for bookings confirmed by 12th January and the booking deadline is 1st February 2017. Spaces are limited for this rare opportunity and bookings will be taken on a fill-up basis so we would advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to book your place please click here.

With Best wishes from the DesignBuilder Team

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