Question regarding LEED exports - 0,90,180,270 degree models

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Hello! I have a quick question regarding how to export my LEED results... This is the first time I've done this so this.

I'm ready to export my LEED Results (CSV)

But when I go to export the LEED analysis results my LEED Baseline Models (no rotation, 90 rotation, 180 rotation, 270 rotation) are all telling me: building model simulation results not found.

My model is done, everything looks good (I used the DD wizard). I've run the baseline model simulations and I have the results and the detailed report.

If I'm understanding this correctly, I will need to save a different energy model (PD2 file) for each of the four different orientations, correct?

In other words, I need to use all the same data but rotate all shells 90 degrees, save as (pd2)... 180 degrees, save as (pd2)... 270 degrees, save as (pd2)...

Then point to the correct equest models for each of the four rotation angles.

Is this how this works in equest?

I was working under the assumption that the software would be able to output the different rotation models on its own without me having to do it all manually but now I'm not sure.

I know I need to browse to the appropriate PD2 file for each rotation angle but is this something equest can do automatically?

Any help would be appreciated.

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter

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