PTAC Digismart Controls

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Hi All

I am currently working on a model for a building that is using PTAC units that have a control system that will automatically set back the temperature in the room when it is unoccupied.

I am trying to figure out if we can take credit for this and still comply with 90.1 2007, and if so, how to estimate the savings and implement it into the model if possible (I am sort of expecting that this would be an exceptional calculation, but there might be a way to modify operational schedules or temperature setpoints and account for this control system directly in the model).

The system is the Amana Digismart Controls. This is a summary of the sequence of operations of the units.

Temp Limiting - Each PTAC can be configured with a heating and cooling temperature set-point limit.

Setbacks - Once a room is declared unoccupied by the occupancy sensor, the PTAC progresses through three

different temperature setbacks, configured as three degree and time pairs (An example configuration is listed below).

1st: 2?, 30 mins - Setback the temp 2 degrees after 30 minutes

2nd: 4?, 1 hr - Setback the temp 2 more degrees after 30 more minutes

3rd: 8?, 3 hrs - Setback the temp 4 more degrees after 2 more hours

Unrented Set-Points - By integrating with your property's Front Desk System, the PTACs will adjust to specific

set-points when no longer identified as rented in the system.

The link is a pdf that gives a more thorough overview of the system if anyone is interested.

Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed with a system like this?

Thank you all in advance for your time

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