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Here's the dilemma:

File opens successfully. No errors reported on a BDL check. BDL file
contains a few warnings I'm expecting to see regarding dummy zones for
DOAS systems, so all seems well.

* I try to calculate results....

* I see the progress bar build to 100%...

* I see "1 Run(s) Completed Successfully."

* I click on "View Summary Results/Reports..."

The first thing I see is the attached. I expect to see the "monthly
energy consumption by enduse" report, but the bar graph and data are all
missing... only the legend remains?

Clicking between the reports doesn't seem to resolve the issue. My
eQuest installation still works fine on other files. Restarting
computer doesn't solve the problem.

Has anyone out there ever experience or observed this behavior before
and corrected it? I'd be very appreciative if anyone can offer some
suggestions/clues as to what might be causing this behavior.



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Followup posting here...

I followed a helpful suggestion to "save as" in another location, but
that hasn't resolved the issue.

On further prodding at the file this afternoon, I found I can get
results to display normally if I remove the ERV definitions from my
dedicated outside air units (simply changing "ERV Device Installed:"
from "Yes" to "No" in the detailed Wizard/Spreadsheet).

What I've established is that there may be something about the ERV
inputs that can cause the file to stop displaying results, without
causing any errors... I'm not ruling out that I might have something
mis-entered causing the results to skew so badly that the non-displaying
reports are just a side effect...

Again, any further suggestions or experiences would be very welcome,


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Have you looked at the output file itself - sometimes it gives a
reasonable description of the error at the point the output has
-Rohini> Here's the dilemma:

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