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To all:

If there are plug loads that aren't on all day (ie: a coffee maker, vacuum
or toaster), do I enter them into eQuest differently than other plug loads?
How does eQuest know if some plug loads are used less than the main schedule
that the building is open?

Thank you for your help.


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This is why after you have done all you can in the Wizards regarding building input, you make a new file call MY PROJECT-DETAIL, and save it separately (disaster scenario). Then change the mode of the DETAIL version to DETAIL EDIT (and save it).

NOW, you can add different schedules with different hours and % intensities and apply them to different things. You may have office equipment on one schedule, kitchen electric cooking on another, laundry equipment on another, pool pumps on another, elevators on another.

You can have them listed under other End Use catagories, even though the Title is something else. If you have nothing in your model on Refirgeration, and you want Laundry equipment to show separately, you can force this usage to appear under Refrigeration. Only YOU know what it truly is.

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Here is something which might be of interest to the "community" if you
don't have AutoCad or operate with another cad system. It may also
function as a CAD file conversion program. "Dassault Syst?mes released
yesterday DraftSight, an openly available, ?professional grade? 2D
viewing and authoring application"
More info and a link at:
I haven't tried it yet but will. It may be quite useful for quite a few
different applications and uses.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.

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