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Has anyone else had issues getting the plots & bar charts that eQuest creates to print to pdf color? It seems that no matter what I have issue reliably getting these to print in color to pdf. I?ve tried a number of pdf creators [bullzip, bluebeam, primopdf, cutepdf] and all seem to fail. The ?best? work around has been to send to MS OneNote, then take to MS Word, THEN make the color PDF, This also make the numbers look like rubbish.

Or, are these plot created in separate files [like the SIM file is for the text results], which can then be sent to PDF? Any advance is appreciated.

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I personally use PDF forge pdf printer, it installs as a printer on your machine and creates pdfs, obviously, it is free and works well

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Thanks for the reply. I omitted this one from the list, buts failed for me too. I even have got through to check that all of the ?printer? setting are to color. Do you know if you had to do anything special for settings?

I?ve talked to my IT guys and they swear they aren?t locking color out. Not sure 100% believe this.
Will keep playing ? but good to know you?ve had success with this printer?.

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Presently working for me using the official ?Adobe PDF? printer that installed itself alongside Acrobat XI Pro. For eQuest 3.65 at least.

The only special instruction/trick/change from a clean install of Windows/Adobe is to make this the ?default? printer in Control Panel ? Printers & Devices

That said, here are some screenshots showing associated printer settings you can check against ? again these are all ?untouched? and should be what you see after a clean install. Attached is the output which on my end is in color:


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I have no problem printing to color with PDF-XChange ? no settings had to be changed.

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Adobe gets set up as kind of a separate printer if you?ve installed adobe acrobat. If you use adobe reader, instead of acrobat, you might not have a way to ?print? to pdf. But there are free apps that allow you to print to pdf like ?CutePDF writer? as an example.

This program does print to color PDF directly from equest (I?ve never had a problem).
I like to set up the defaults to print to color.

Some people will change their bizhub settings in the office also because you can sometimes get charged 5 cents more per sheet if it?s a ?color? plot. So I?ve seen before where they?ll default everything to black and white. I dunno that might explain some of it.

But printing graphs/reports and stuff is definitely possible with cutepdf writer with color plot set up.

-Chris in Alaska

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You may be able to copy the graphs directly into a word report as objects from the eQUEST results view, you?ll have to copy and paste the graph and the associated legend separately, but then you can arrange them yourself in word.

I haven?t tried this approach for a while, but it worked on prior eQUEST versions.


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For me to print color, I have to set the color printer as the default printer for my machine.

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To close the loop ?
Jeremy McClanathan, and several other respondents, had the solution that worked for me. If there are issues getting the prints to color pdf, assign your pdf printer to the default printer.

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