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I have looked through the email archive and found a number of examples on how to convert an exterior wall into an interior, but I seem to have the opposite problem -? I need to make an internal wall exterior.? I have run across this a few times when testing eQuest.? I inexplicably end up with one exterior wall showing up as interior in my model.? In The DD wizard, I have tried right clicking on the wall and, but it already shows up as exterior.? Has anyone else had this problem, or know how to force it to an exterior wall?? A better question is why does this happen?


Brad Robinson

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When you are drawing the zones, make sure your exterior wall coordinates
line up with the footprint lines - any zone line that matches with the
footprint line is an exterior wall. I always double check the vertices to
make sure that is the case.

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Hi Brad!

RE: source of the problem, The only other thing to check that comes to
mind is to make sure you're following your footprint perimeter vertices
exactly when you define your zones... if you're just a little off eQuest
may assume the associated surfaces are interior instead of exterior. It
may help to make extra vertices along the footprint perimeter for the
zones to snap to.

You can correct in detailed using the same principle as the reverse
process: Right click the space in question in the tree during the 3D
view, create new exterior wall, then select a polygon and/or set points
that match the offending interior wall. Delete the interior wall and
you're done!



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