New BLDG-RATE Mailing List to Discuss Building Performance Rating Systems

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Announcing a new mailing list called BLDG-RATE created to
enable people to exchange questions and answers relating to
building performance rating systems.

BLDG-RATE is a mailing list for people using building
performance rating systems. Discussions of any green
building performance rating system or building energy
performance rating system are welcome. Some of the most
common rating systems include the LEED rating systems (New
Construction, Existing Buildings, Homes, etc.), ENERGY STAR
(Label for Buildings, Target Finder, Home), BREEAM, various
Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS), and Green Globes.
Building rating systems provide a method to objectively
grade, or benchmark, the environmental and/or energy
performance of both commercial and residential buildings
providing a score that others can understand. Discussions of
design-oriented as well as operation-oriented rating systems
are encouraged. Many building rating systems are in use
today and conversations relating to any and all of them may
take place on the mailing list. People of all experience
levels ranging from those just learning to experts are urged
to share their questions and answers on the mailing list.

To join BLDG-RATE send a blank email to:

BLDG-RATE-subscribe at

To learn more about BLDG-RATE go to:

Please feel free to distribute this notice widely.


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