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Need help. Am new to E-quest. What file in E-quest contains the input data
for the project? I wish to print the file. Thanks,


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The .INP file has all of the input information, including schedules. It is written in Building Description language (BDL), so you may have a bit of difficulty finding what is where. Basically, the envelope types and schedules come first, followed by the different geometry descritions.

Then the LOADS section, with Space level information, including what walls and windows goto what space.

Then the HVAC section, with Central Plant equipment, including pumps, trickling into Zone information (including HVAC controls). Any pacakge HVAC information is also found in the SYSTEM areas.

Finally, the electric, gas, or other rate inforation is shown.

Let me know if you need further navigation.

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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If you click on the .inp file, the one with the data in it, it should open
up in Word. Then you just send it to your printer. Depending on your
building, it may be very big. If it is, you can scroll to the specific
sections that you want to print (see John's email).

Since you are new to eQUEST, I would guess you don't read BDL, so you should
expect the data to look different than anything you have ever seen and
perhaps a bit overwhelming. Be sure to keep breathing!!


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