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How do I model a shell floor where part is over a basement level that is
office space, part is slab on grade (the first floor is twice as large
as the second floor), and part of the floor is over ambient airspace.

Also, my basement is not fully below grade. Two of my walls are fully
above grade, the other two are below grade? How do I make that
distinction in eQuest?

Kevin A. Felt

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Probably the easiest way is to break it up into multiple shells, unless
somebody has found success doing it another way. Create one shell for
your slab-on-grade, and one shell on top of your ambient spaces. You can
create one shell on top of another by changing the "Z" coordinate in the

Same for the basement. One shell will be needed for the portion of the
basement with below-grade walls, and a 2nd shell for the above-grade

I have only ever had to do that once so there is probably some expertise
in the group that has an easier solution.

Good luck.

Gary Schrader

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Detailed data edit, you will be spending a lot of time altering and creating new polygons.

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