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This sounds simple so hopefully somebody can help me out. I am trying
to model a simple rectangular space with a single rooftop HVAC zone and
the roof as the only exterior exposure. Every time I enter the space
information on the wizard and try to exit the wizard, the calculations
are run and eQuest is shut down without any mention of errors and no
messages. This happens whether I use the Schematic Design Wizard or the
Detailed Design Wizard. It creates a PD2 file, but this file will not
work either. I have included one of these files to show what happens.
Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

The second question that I have is about walls. Most of our projects
are single tenant spaces with no exterior exposure on the walls. There
is an option to choose an adiabatic roof, but this option does not
appear for walls. I suppose I could just extend the footprint shape
past the zone footprint, but is there a cleaner way to do this?

Thank you,

Dan Reeves

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1. The file runs fine for me in eQUEST 3.63b

2. You're correct, there isn't an elegant way to model just an
interior space without extending the floor plate out beyond your walls.

Robby Oylear, LEEDR AP

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I believe that in the detailed interface you can delete the appropriate exterior walls, replace them with interior walls, and change the type to adiabatic.


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