Modeling Water to Water Heat Pumps

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Hi All,

We're working on a lab project that will have a 100% outside air control strategy, and therefore significant cooling and reheat loads. We'll be using pretty standard chillers to provide chilled water, and rejecting the heat to a common ground loop. For heating, we'll be using water to water heat pumps to remove heat from the common ground loop and put it into the heating water loop (for pre- and re-heat). And the third component will be a ground loop heat exchanger (vertical wells) to act as the heat sink/source for the heating and cooling extremes.

My question really is this: Can eQuest model a water to water heat pump? I found something in the DOE-2.2 volume dictionary about a Loop-to-Loop heat pump, but it doesn't give me any .inp commands or variables, so I'm a little scared to just throw in a loop to loop heat pump. In addition to my fears, I don't see a "heat pump" heading under which to put it.

If anyone has tried this before and has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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