Modeling HVAC System in eQuest

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Hello Guys,

I have the following HVAC system for one of the buildings and it is dual duct VAV system:

- Two cooling fans supply the whole building and each fan has evaporative cooler and a hot water coil after the evaporative cooler. The hot water coil is connected to a boiler and will be abled once the outside temperature is below 60F to maintain the required supply air temperature in the cooling duct.
- One heating fan that supply the whole building and this fan has gas fired furnace to maintain the required supply air temperature in the heating duct.
- The cooling and heating fans are connected to dual duct with dual duct VAV boxes in which the VAV box will mix the cooling air and the heating air to maintain the room temperature.
My question is when I select "Evaporative Coolers" as the cooling source in the DD Wizard I don't get hot water coil as a heating source. I get only "Furnace" or "Electric Resistance". When I select the "Furnace" in the heating source and select "Dual Duct Air Handler with HW Heat" in the system type, no boiler and hot water loop are added to the model and in the "Air-Side HVAC" tab there will be no furnace symbol but hot water coil.
This is a bit confusing. Can anybody help me out by advising how can I model the above system in eQuest? The .pd2 and .inp files are attached.

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