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I need to model some horizontal louvers that are part of a window and I am not sure if it can be done in Trane Trace. The louvers cover the full height of the window. They are about 2" deep and are spaced evenly at 2". Please let me know.

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I don't think Trace has a specific way or pre-programmed feature that could be used to model this.
Your best bet is to figure out an equivalent shading factor or over hang.? Maybe the mftr could give you an equivalent shading coefficient.?
Other options would be:
1. Divide the window into two windows from an input standpoint based on what percentage of the window is shaded from the louver.? Input the portion that is shaded into trace with an overhang or with a north exposure or as spandrel glass.
2. Input the window as?many smaller windows each with their own individual overhang.? Although, this would probably take a long time from an input standpoint and may slow down running the program.
Maybe you could do a separate trace run looking at one window with louvers on each exposure using Option 2 above.? Then?use the results to figure out an effective shading coefficient or equivalent overhang to use in your main Trace file.

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