Modeling FCU with EC Fans & Air Side Economizer

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Hello,Could you please help me out with the followings:1) How to model FCU with EC fans in eQUEST Software?2) How can we add airside economiser to the FCU. The only option available in eQUEST for the FCU is water economiser?Thank you very much for the helpRegardsAhmad

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For 1) modeling the efficiency improvement of EC motors is straightforward using the kW/cfm keyword to reduce fan power. However modelling variable fan coil fan speeds is challenging. Setting your fan mode to intermittent sort of models variable flow ? but not really.

2) air side economizers in fan coils is an unususal configuration. In eQUEST you would have to use a different system type. I would suggest single zone reheat system unless you are indeed looking to model variable flow. In that case, you might end up with system type PIU. Interestingly PIU is the only system in eQUEST that can have cooling set as either DX or chilled water. So it is the most ?Swiss army knife? of the eQUEST systems. However these are not zonal type systems so you will have to model a system per zone whereas using the fan coil system type (or other zonal type systems) you can gang your zones under a single system and eQUEST will control each zone with its own virtual fan coil unit.

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