Modeling Centralized Water-to-Water HP's and Hybrid HP's

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I am using a Canadian-based energy modeling software called EE4 which uses DOE calculation engine. I am trying to model a centralized water-to-water Heat Pumps System that provides hot water to distributed hybrid heat pumps (hybrid heat pump is fan coil in heating mode and heat pump in cooling mode). The hybrid heat pumps uses ground to reject heat when in cooling mode. The centralized water-to-water heat pumps provide chilled water for the make-up air units cooling coils. The Make-up air units heating coils are fed directly from the boiler. EE4 would not allow me to use a combination of these two systems. Does anyone have a work-around to this type of system.
I would really appreciate any input in this regards.

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Have you referenced the EE4 Modeling Guide ?

In case you have not. You might find it useful when using EE4. It has a number of workarounds with examples.


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The best recommendation that I can think of is to model this as a
"Combination Ground Source Heat Pump" Plant with a "4 pipe fan coil" System.
You will have to add the distributed heat pump cooling capacities to the
central heat pump cooling capacity and create a representative COP. As you
can't model a boiler plant for the System heating, I'd recommend modeling
the heating as a Natural Gas or Oil Furnace. System Cooling can be input as
Hydronic so chilled water will come from the central Water-to-water heat
pump plant. NRCan may be willing to provide input as well even with the
ecoENERGY program ending this past spring.

As you know EE4 is not the most flexible simulation program, eQUEST might do
a better job if you are familiar with that software.


Aaron Smith, P.Eng

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