Mitsubishi VRF System and eQuest

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I am currently working on a new construction project in Taipei, Taiwan,
using a Mitsubishi VRF system and we would like to develop an Energy Model
(preferably using eQuest). I came across this email online and was wondering
if a resolution was ever found or if you can be of any assistance? Please
see email from web as follows:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< BrandonN at
Wed Apr 2 15:37:30 PDT 2008



It is my understanding that Mitsubishi and Daikan funded development of
DOE2 VRF routines that run under EnergyPro and VisualDOE using DOE2.1E,
and there may be some problematic challenges
gust/006284.html> hindering simple implementation in eQuest.
Will see if I can elicit comment on this topic from eQuest's dynamic,
talented and decidedly underappreciated developers, who tirelessly toil
day and night on our behalf. Perhaps we can show our appreciation for
them by all lobbying our local Mitsubishi / Daikan reps to secure
funding for a port-to-eQuest effort. After all, updating to eQuest it
seems would be in the manufacture's best interests, with usage of
variable refrigerant flow systems gaining traction in the marketplace.

As a short-term workaround, am following up on a rumor that there may be
a way for an eQuest parametric run to be manually edited to reference
these routines, provided they can be obtained. Will also see what I can
do about actually obtaining them. This isn't a purely altruistic
gesture, I too am working on a VRF system.

More information forthcoming, hopefully...

Brandon Nichols, PE, LEED AP

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