Mapping ASHRAE and Koppen Climate zones

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if there's a mapping that links a Koppen climate
classification with an ASHRAE climate zone classification?

I haven't been able to find anything with my 5 min google search!!

Thanks for any help folks can provide!



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Not exactly a mapping, but ASHRAE Standard 169-2013 and 90.1-2019 have tables that show ASHRAE climate zones for international locations.

I found this paper from Purdue about evaluating European climate zones:

If you have a table compiled of the Koppen perhaps you can compare. It may not be 1:1 on the mapping since ASHRAE uses CDD/HDD and humidity and it appears that Koppen includes some seasonal variance in their categorization.

Here?s a sample for UK from 90.1-2019 ? it appears to only show ?A? side and none in B/C humidity zones for the UK. I do see some B/C in the other countries so it must be considered at some level.

[cid:image003.png at 01D61E1F.E8066140]

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Thanks David.

This is really helpful but not quite what we needed. Really appreciate you and others taking the time to reply.

We decided to bite the bullet and just parse it out - looking for an easy win but I don?t think it exists here!!

Thanks again!

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About 10 years ago I needed to get the Koeppen Climate Classification for thousands of
international locations? in order to run a solar model (Zhang-Huang 2003) where we've
grouped locations by Koeppen CC.

In order to do that, I found a digital map of the entire world at a half-degree grid with
the Koeppen CC for each grid, and then wrote a script to read the map file and then return
the Koeppen CC for any location based on its lat/lon. It worked well enough for my needs
that after I've added the Koeppen CC to the station information, e.g., lat, lon, elev,
time-zone, etc., I haven't had a need to return to the map since.

Some words of caution about the Koeppen CC.? Since they're based on a number of climate
statistics, the Koeppen CC will change for some locations near the boundaries (just like
ASHRAE Climate Zones!:-)).? I'm not in favor of such shifting climate zones and decided to
use what somebody has compiled than embark on my own calculations.

I can share more information about what I did if there's interest.


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