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Has anyone had experience submitting the Manual J, S and D calculations for
the National Association of Home Builders submission? I am normally a
commercial buildings modeler using eQuest and similar programs and
preparing submissions for LEED.


Rob Hudson

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i have been looking into it recently as well. the full software
(certified by acca) is $500 & there are only 4 authorized resellers. if
your local authority lets you use the abridged version there is a free
spreadsheet on the acca website but you still need the manual (about
$90) for the constructions & associated values to enter.


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I was looking into those spreadsheets as well. My company bought one of
the software programs but can only perform the Manual J calculations, the D
and S are plug in pieces that cost more.

Thanks for your help,


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In California, we can use either Manual J or ASHRAE methods for loads.
EnergyPro uses the ASHRAE methods, so that is OK to use. I would ask
how EQuest does loads, and if it's ASHRAE, I'd use that if you are
familiar with it. We are also allowed to use Manual D or ASHRAE methods
for ducts and the ASHRAE methods are in the ASHRAE handbook. For simple
residential, it's a simple duct losses spreadsheet that you can make up

Robert Wichert P.Eng. LEED AP BD&C

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