Loop-to-Loop Heat Pump?

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Hi all,

I am seeking advice on how to model the following system in eQuest. Any
inputs are appreciated.

The primary system consists of several electric chillers, which supply
chilled water to cooling coils for space cooling. Because this building is
located in hot and humid climate, water-to-water heat pump is used to supply
hot water, which is used for coil reheat for the purpose of humidity control
and domestic hot water. The water-to-water heat pump uses the return chilled
water as heat source, thus reducing the energy consumption of the chillers.

Can this system be modeled in eQuest? I tried loop-to-loop heat pump system
in eQuest, but realized that the loop-to-loop heat pump system can only use
lake/well as heat resource (is this correct?), and I could not figure out a
way to couple the return chilled water loop with the heat pump system.

Thanks so much.


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