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When using the LEED compliance routine, do you create your proposed bldg
FIRST and it generates the LEED baseline bldg from there?

Alan Crittendon, PE, LEED AP

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Hi Alan,

Yes, that's the general idea and approach. In a case where you might not
have a compliance too that generates a baseline building for you, then it is
also my personal approach to build my proposed model first and then "Save
As" and 'back-off' the performance values and systems to that equal to
baseline values.

I had just posed this question on the list a couple weeks ago to see what
the general approach is among simulators and it turned out that the approach
is 50/50 some do proposed first, some build thier baseline first.

You might want to search the archives to see if you get other's input on
your modeling approach.


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