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I am wondering how much success people have had with Retail Core & Shell projects in terms of EAp2/EAc1. It seems to me that the typical large mall (250,000 ft2 or larger) with roof top units presents little opportunity for energy savings. I would appreciate some of your experiences.


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You couldn't be more wrong. Just hang on ~ 4 to 6 months. We are
launching several Patent Filings in the next 4 weeks.
bye for now.....

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There might also be savings associated with the food service areas. Heat recovery off of the walk-in refrigeration that pre-heats the domestic hot water and energy star commercial kitchen appliances are perhaps applicable.

Depending on the climate and definitely dependent on the architecture, a transpired solar wall might be applicable for pre-heating ventilation air. Again, depending on the climate, can you naturally ventilate the circulation areas or do a mechanical assisted hybrid-system that pulls in outside air to the circulation spaces.

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Hi Christopher,

Other than energy recovery on the ventilation and
using extended schedule I agree with you there is
little option. And that is simulation
saving. If there is demand ventilaiton installed
on site the energy for heating the ventilaiton
air is reduce a lot, more than what simulation gives us.

We did a lot of these CS big box retail and never
went over 34% energy cost saving compare to MNECB
and 32% compared to ASHRAE 90.1


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I don't have much experience with packaged rooftop retail but you can check out ?ASHRAE's 50% Advanced Energy Design Guide for Medium to Big Box stores. ?It has recommendations for LPD, lighting controls, plug load controls, exterior lighting, HVAC, etc. ?So yes, you probably can't get there with a HE rooftop and roof/wall insulation - lots of other strategies are probably required. ?As yours is c+S, you'll want to have mandatory tenant requirements written into the lease too. ?

Also, since it was published most of the major manufacturers have ?released some slick single zone VAV rooftop units with VS compressors and ECM motors on evaporator and condenser fans.


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