Interested in starting a MS > PhD in a "green" program. Looking for universities + advice.

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Morning all. I'm researching MSc programs in sustainable building design,
energy efficiency, power generation, etc in the US. I plan on continuing my
education through a PhD. I've been working as a mechanical engineer for the
last three years, (and fortunately still am). I've been lucky enough to
gather a broad range of experience on mechanical design, energy analysis,
and LEED documentation for various types of facilities from small post
offices to hospital complexes. I'm looking for a program that is well
established at a top university, and preferably offers funding.

I decided I need to go back to school because my leisure activities are
more academic than "fun." In my free time I've been writing a paper on the
practical (daily) application and workflow of energy analysis in industry,
reviewing my Numerical Methods text from undergrad, and learning OpenFOAM
and NIST FDS to try to simulate natural ventilation for a volunteer project
I'm involved with located in Sudan.

I've done my research on graduate programs and have a list of about 10
universities I'm interested in. The question I'm trying to answer right now
is "Did I miss any universities with programs that align with my interest?"
If anyone on this list could provide feedback on universities,
organization, funding sources, or personal experiences I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Shariq Ali EIT, LEED AP BD+C

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