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Hi folks -

Two questions for you -

1. Though experienced with EnergyPro and other software, I'm looking for some assistance with eQUEST. We have received a request from a LEED reviewer to provide a separate program 'input summary' outside of what is generally required in LEED. Aside from the input file, is there a good summary report of the pertinent input parameters in eQUEST? Are we stuck with manual entry?

2. We typically model instantaneous DHW heaters as 0.01 or 0 gallons, however, eQUEST requires a minimum of 1 gallon. Not a huge difference, but is there a better way to model instantaneous in eQUEST for ASHRAE 90.1-2004 compliance? (I noticed a post on this in the archives in January that didn't seem to have a response)

Thanks kindly,

Christopher Zabaneh, LEED AP BD+C

Davis Langdon

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