building level energy use metering by zone?

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Does anyone know of an 'easy' way to track all the building-level energy used by a particular zone in eQuest (including the proportion of fan, pump, heating, cooling, etc energy from common a system and/or plant). Right now attaching a sub-meter to a zone is only giving me the usage of that zone's loads (lighting, occupant load, gas appliances in the zone), but what I really want is to divvy up all end-uses amongst all the zones.

I'm trying to determine the utility cost of a specific zone and didn't want to default to an area-weighted approach of dividing each energy end-use among all the zones.

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Christopher Zabaneh, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, CEPE

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If you extend this to the constructed building, you'd still have to make an allocation for energy use at an air-handling unit & central plant amongst the zones (assuming you have a central system here prompting the question).

At least in model space you can create an hourly output report with zonal airflow/heat/cool that you can take back to the hourly plant/AHU reported usage as a basis for your percentage, rather than just by floor area.

It will need to be done in a spreadsheet though, outside of eQuest.

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