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Hello experts,

I'm currently importing a revit file to equest through .gbxml format to .inp, I was wondering does anybody know why when the file is imported it creates automatically systems based on the facade? What are the parameters that I can introduce in the revit file that can be translated into equest? I was checking at the gbxml schema but it's kind of hard to tell what information is being passed on.


Catalina Caballero, AIA. Assoc., LEED GA.

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Now only the spaces can be imported. These include geometry information only (walls, glazing, roof, floors, etc) and can make help you set up the geometry in eQuest if you define the spaces correctly. Setting up the spaces takes time and some items do not transfer well depending on the complexity of the Revit model. Shading devices can also make the jump if there is not to many of them for eQuest. I have not been successful with this since the Revit models I have tried so far are very complex.

The next version of Revit (coming out soon) will have thermal properties included with the materials and hopefully this information will be able to be transferred as well.

Let me know if you are successful I have been working on this and so far its take me more time to use Revit geometry than it would to just build it in eQuest. My hope is that this will be easier in the future and BIM to BEM is seamless


David C. Fishel, PE, LEED AP BD+C

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