How to turn off the hot water loop in the RHFS?

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HI :

How to turn off the hot water loop in the RHFS ? I have choose the loop operation at snap ,and set the snap temp at 120 ,but the hot water loop still work ,in the report ,there is still have space heating. How to turn off ?


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Set your snap temperature lower. It should do the trick. See the
definition of Snap in the help files below:

SNAP A control mode where the loop operation snaps
on or off according to a monitored temperature. SNAP has slightly different
meanings depending on the type of loop:

o For a heating-type loop, this keyword will cause the loop to activate
when a specified temperature sensor is below the SNAP-T value. An
outside-air lockout is another way of thinking of this control mode;
however, the temperature causing the lockout may be either the outdoor air
temperature, or a zone temperature. You specify the location of the
temperature sensor using the SNAP-LOCN and SNAP-ZONE keywords.

o Cooling-type loops are similar to heating-type loops, except that the
loop will activate when the monitored temperature is above the SNAP-T value.

o 2-pipe loops will be in the heating mode below SNAP-T, and in the cooling
mode above SNAP-T. In other words, the SNAP-T is the changeover temperature.
Note, however, that a changeover temperature deadband can be specified using
the HEATING-SCH and COOLING-SCH described under the next code-word.

o WLHP loops will enable the heating equipment when below the SNAP-T, and
the heat-rejection equipment above the SNAP-T. In practice, this is a
dangerous control mode for WLHP's as the loop may go to an extreme
temperature when either type of primary equipment is disabled.

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