Help Wanted: Full-time Lecturer at University of Talca

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The Department of Engineering and Construction Management of the University
of Talca, Chile, calls an Academic Competition to provide a full-time
lecturer in the area of Construction Management / Sustainable Construction
and Building Energy Simulation. Among the tasks associated with the
position offered are the following activities:

- Undergraduate and postgraduate competency-based teaching.

- Integration in the research studies and / or technology transference
that the department currently maintains.

- Development of new lines of research on topics that can be associated
with sustainability in construction (Smart cities, efficient building
materials and systems, energy, thermal and / or acoustic optimization,
numerical simulation applied to construction, etc.) or management ( BIM,
lossless construction, LEAN methodologies, etc.)

- Tutoring reports of pre and postgraduate students, and participation
in teaching innovation activities and / or linking projects of the
university with the social environment.

In this regard, preference will be given to researchers who possess or are
in a position to obtain externally funded projects in a short time.
Therefore, proposal writing skills to apply for funding are required. In
addition, research experience must be accredited with a publication record
in high impact journals in the areas of interest. Registered patents are an
additional contribution to the candidate.

? Activities start in March 2018, being the place of work the
Campus of the Faculty of Engineering, located in Curic?.

? Remuneration: To be defined according to the applicant's profile
and value.

*Essential requirements*

? Undergraduate degree in Civil engineering or related areas.

? Doctorate or PhD degree or be in the process of obtaining it. The
doctoral area must be consistent with the candidate's specialty.

? Experience and great affinity with university teaching.

? Good command (oral and written) of the spanish and english

? Knowledge in the following areas:

- *Management Area*: Cost Analysis, Project Planning and Control,
Project Management, BIM, LEAN methodologies, etc

- *Sustainable Construction Area: *Physical bases for sustainable
construction, Concepts and devices for sustainable construction, Solar
thermal systems, Energy Efficiency, etc.

- *Building Energy Simulation:* Data-based Building Simulation Methods,
Machine Learning Algorithms for Building Energy Modeling, Optimization
Tools for Retrofitting Planning, Optimization of Sensor Network Design and

*Desirable requirements*

? Proven ability to conduct research and or R & D projects and a
record of peer-reviewed publications.

*Application requirements*
Applications to the post will be made by e-mail (mdelcampo at with
the following background:

- Blind Curriculum Vitae (without photograph)

- Copy of the academic degree, postgraduate and doctorate

- 2 letters of recommendation

- Cover letter, including:

- Brief justification of why the application should be considered for
this position

- Brief description of academic trajectory

- Research project for the medium and long term

- Perspectives to contribute to the Department and KIPUS (research lines
to develop, potential collaboration with other academics, academic
administration, outreach).

- Salary expectations.

- Any other document that you may consider relevant.

For further information regarding the position and the application process
please contact Professor Ma.Luisa del Campo (mdelcampo at

Applications will be received until *December 22th.* After an evaluation of
the candidates, a shortlist will be defined no later than *December 29th.*
Interviews will be held *between January 15th and January 19th*. A final
decision will be informed by the end of January.

In the event that none of the applicants meets the profile demanded by the
Department of Engineering and Construction Management of the University of
Talca, the competition may be declared as desert, without prejudice of
being reopened at a later date.

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