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I recently came across a reference in a paper to a survey we
conducted in 2010 on building simulation and programming

at the time, I was very interested in encouraging modelers
that knew how to program to get involved in open source
projects related to building energy modeling. Here is the
original message:

No, the link to the survey doesn't work anymore :-)

While I'm still interested in the intersection of modeling
and programming, I'm also interested in finding out how
often modeling is used throughout the building lifecycle,
what kind of measures are used, what metrics are used, and
the resources modelers use. Of course, limiting the number
of questions is important to encourage as many responses as

If you would like to help out in designing the survey please
let me know.



Jason Glazer, P.E., BEMP, GARD Analytics, 90.1 ECB chair
Admin for building performance mailing lists

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Hi Jason,

Recently I conducted a survey that was similar to what you are asking for such as the simulation tools, and metrics used throughout the building lifecycle.

However, the survey I have conducted has more focus on anthropogenic heat emission from the building compared to energy consumption. I have recently presented the paper last week at IC2UHI and should be available online very soon.

You can find a copy of the paper attached.


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Hi Jason,

I'm not sure whether I can commit to helping, but I think the outcome of
such a survey will be very insightful. Keep me posted and I'll help if I

There is a lot of diversity in how simulation is applied depending on where
you are in the world. It will be interesting to see how the eco-system has
evolved in the last 10-15 years.

Speaking from my own narrow experience, many that I know use tools and
possess skillsets with applications well beyond their day jobs. For example,
my day job is 90% certification which is boring, but makes reasonable money.
There are initiatives toward more meaningful use of simulation, but these
tend to be in the minority and the work carries more risk than certification
(commercial, technical, and professional).

There have been some major changes since your 2010 survey. BIM has grown,
but seems yet to bring about the changes it's promised. AI is a new "big"
thing and average users may be more aware of coding now.



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