Ground Loop Systems

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I am beginning to get a bit frustrated with eQuest and its piping loops,
particularly for ground source heat pumps. I have tried to model a ground
loop heat exchanger connected to a water loop heat pump system. I set up
primary/secondary piping loops with the well field the primary and the heat
pump loop as secondary. This is the only way I have been able to associate
the well pump with the HX and keep the HP loop pump in the mix. I have been
able to specify pump for the well field heat exchanger as well as the heat
pump loop. However, the well field pump runs continuously since the loop
pump runs continuously. How does one get the well field pump to cycle based
on loop demand (heat rejection/addition to allow the HP loop temperature to
float)? I'm trying to maintain my loop temperature between 40 and 80F and
the field flow rate is 60% of the HP loop flow rate.

Ron Pecarina, PE, CEM, LEED-AP

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