Two Primary and one secondary loop for 2-pipe distribution system

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Hello Everyone,

I am modeling very large office building, which is having central plant with chillers and heat exchangers. The heat exchangers provide hot water to the 2-pipe loop via two pumps, while the chillers provide chilled water to 2-pipe loop via four chilled water pump. The 2-pipe distribution supplies chilled and hot water to the AHUs and FCUs located different zones in the entire facility.

The 2- pipe distribution system have no pump. The loop operates year around based on heating and cooling requirement. Since, there is no pump in 2-pipe distribution system, it uses primary loop pumps (Chilled water pumps in summer and hot water pump in winter).

Is there anyway i can model two primary loops and one secondary loop (2-pipe) in the eQUEST?



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Since the two loops do not operate at the same time, it would be accurate
to model the system as a 4-pipe system, and use primary loops only. this
will allow you to turn on/off the loops as required for seasonal changes.

Hope this helps,


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