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Hello to all,

A couple of year ago I attended a eQuest training with one of the developers and he give us a tip on how to produce a convenient HVAC summary by inserting a simple flag in the eQUEST.INI file. I try to do this with the new eQuest version 3.65 and it does not work. Does anyone know to do this with the 3.65 version?

??HVAC Summary.csv?? file ?D produced only if the following flag has been
added anywhere in the ??[preferences]?? section of the eQUEST.INI (in the
eQUEST Data folder): StoreResults_HVAC_Summary=1
This file provides a convenient summary of key HVAC data including:
equipment capacities, flow rates, pressure drops, motor kW, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Ing. Eric Fischel J.

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