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Following up on the the problem I addressed a week ago regarding the
SS-D report and "MAXIMUM DAILY INTEGRATED COOLING LOAD" at the bottom of
that page:

On page 140 of the DOE22 Vol. 4-Libraries PDF, I found the following:

*Bottom of Report*
At the bottom of the report (/SS-D/) are the peak daily integrated
cooling load for the design day (DES DAY) and for the annual run using
the weather file (WTH FILE). These numbers are used by PLANT to size
cold storage systems.

I am not using cold storage, does anyone know why a GSHP system would
encounter this in eQuest or any realm of DOE2 for that matter? OR does
anyone know why else my ASHRAE baseline (PSZ-HP) would require more
cooling energy than the GSHP?

I imagine, based on ground temperatures eQuest wants cooling to be
generated by the "PLANT" in order to maintain system equalibrium; and
the 3829.446 (KBTU) that I'm seeing is the amount deficit (?).

Much thanks!

Matthew Higgins, LEED AP

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