FW: Basement slightly below grade

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Hi Charlie ? CC?ing this conversation into the list for the possibility it may help out others in a similar spot ;-).

I don?t think anything precludes the option of PTAC airside systems supplemented with HW baseboards. That?s pretty typical of multifamily I?ve modeled in the past.

One thing to be mindful of is that you can?t do PTAC just yet in doe 2.3? that isn?t yet implemented so you?ll need to use DOE-2.2 if that?s your desire.

That said, you could also use packaged single zone systems (PSZ) without heating, and the only major difference in application from PTAC is that PSZ isn?t a zonal system type (so you?ll need to define one system per zone rather than just dumping all zones with PTAC?s under one system). Not as time efficient, but the advantate/draw for DOE-2.3 for most multifamily scenarios I?ve dealt with would be the added flexibility in handling various DOA schemes for handling mechanical ventilation.

I?d advise exploring the ventilation strategy first and letting that guide which direction/engine to build your model in.

Leveraging the wizards, it?s pretty easy to generate a ?dummy? model to explore your gameplan/strategy for post-wizard detailed edits before you really commit one way or the other.

I hope that?s helpful!


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