FW: (3) LEED compliance analysis errors - (DBID 190000020000)?

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I have resolved this problem.

The latest version of equest 3.65 (build 7163) gave me errors when trying to run the compliance analysis and I think it has something to do with the floor layering - specifically, slabs over crawlspaces or unconditioned spaces.

That or DBID 190000020000 is missing from the DOE database in the current version of equest perhaps?

I reverted back to the previous version of equest 3.65 (build 7154) and ran the compliance analysis on the exact same model.

Everything worked great, 100% compliance analysis with no errors, whatsoever.

Maybe this will help others with the same problem...

Chris Baker
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I found the older version that Chris recommended here: http://doe2.com/download/equest/



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